Skills & Drills

 Are you looking to become better at volleyball, but have little experience and do not know where to start? Do you want to learn the basics about volleyball in a positive and fun environment? Well then, come to the skills and drills sessions!



Skills and Drills is a set of multiple technique classes held for 6 weeks that teach the important skills that every player needs to know in order to effectively play volleyball. 

  • Registration is limited. Class is limit to 24 players.

  • Skills and Drills is a partner program between IGNITE Volleyball and The Edge Sports Academy

  • Cost: $98/ player

Day & Time

All sessions are held on Tuesdays

  •  Beginners 4th-9th grade: 5:00 - 6:00 pm

  • Intermediate 4th-9th grade: 6:00 - 7:00 pm

  • Advanced 9th-12th 7:00 - 8:00pm (Fall 2 Session only! Starting October 17th)


  • Summer II: July 17, 2018 - August 21, 2018

  • Fall Session 1: (2018) September 4- October 9

  • Fall Session 2: (2018) October 16- November 27  

  • Winter Session 1: (2018/2019) December 4 - January 22

    • No December 25th or January 1st

  • Winter Session 2: (2019) January 29 - March 5

  • Spring Session 1: (2019) March 12 - April 16

  • Spring Session 2: (2019) April 23 - May 28

  • Summer Session 1: (2019) June 4- July 9

  • Summer Session 2: (2019) July 16- August 20

For further information please contact Sharri Durdel:



Love the game of volleyball but do not have the time to commit to a full JO season?  SPARKS is for you!   SPARKS is a fun CO-ED volleyball program for beginning level players. 

volleyball on floor.jpg


Players will be placed on teams and each week they will spend 45 minutes working on technique and basic skill set drills, the remaining 45 minutes will be spent in game play. 

  • Registration is limited

  • First week session will be a "tryout session" where skills will be assessed in order to create even leveled teams. All players registered WILL be placed on a team.

  • layers will placed on team rosters of 8-9 based on skill

  • Coaches will be provided through IGNITE

  • Players will receive an Ignite Volleyball SPARKS t-shirt

  • Players MAY play on SPARKS in addition to their current JO or CYO team but need to be able to commit to the SPARKS schedule out of respect for their teammates.

  • Cost: $150/player/session

Day & Time

  • Sunday 4:30 - 6:00pm


  • Session 1 - FALL

    • Sunday September 9th 2018- October 14th 2018

  • Session 2 - FALL

    • Sunday October 21st 2018- Sunday November 25th 2018

  • Session 1 - WINTER

    • Sunday January 6th 2019- February 10th 2019

  • Session 2 - WINTER

    • Sunday February 24th 2019- March 31st 2019

  • Session 1 - SUMMER

    • Sunday June 16th 2019- July 21st 2019


Boy's Fall Ball & Co-ed High School Leagues


Boy's Fall ball:

Tournament: Players will be placed on a different team. Players will rotate teams and have new teammates in a "king of the court" fashion to allow players to get more experience playing with kids that have different play styles. This also allows the boys to meet other players from the area instead of being with the same team each week.

Age: 7th-12th grade in the 2018-2019 school year 

Cost:  $80 per session

Gear: Winning player will receive a Fall League T-shirt

Structure: To be Announced 

Coaches: Our coaching staff will be recruited from all area CYO, clubs and schools. If you are interested in joining our growing fall league coaching team, please contact the league director at the email below with any questions. 

League Director: Sharri Durdel:

Info on Co-ed High school leagues:

Game play/Structure: Opposed to the king of the court format in Fall Ball, in Co-Ed league the teams will be pre-set and formed by coaching staff after first week of positional tryouts. Teams will be made to be as evenly skilled as possible. Since it is co-ed, their will be both girls and boys on every team. 

Gear: Winning Team will receive an IGNITE  T-shirt

Coaches: the league will be overseen by IGNITE coaches and staff, teams will be self ran and coached

League Director: Sharri Durdel:

Day & Time

  • Sunday 6:30-9:00 p.m.


  • Session 1: All Boys Fall Ball September 9th - October 14th

  • Session 2: Co-Ed High school league October 21st - November 25th