sports performance center


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Foundation program

This is our flagship program for all of our athletes.  It is a comprehensive approach that assesses and addresses each individual's strengths and weaknesses.  Every athlete must complete this program before enrolling in any other program.  Over the duration of this program, the individual will be thoroughly assessed and given an individualized routine that will be built upon.


elite development program

Upon completion of our Foundation Program, the athlete will be prepared to advance to this next level of training.  Here, we progress the athlete to more advanced exercises and techniques as well as increasing the speed of certain exercises.  Our ultimate goal is to get the athlete as close to their genetic potential as possible in regards to sports performance training.  This is an excellent program for those athletes transitioning from high school to preparing to compete at the collegiate level.

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Jr. edge program

This program is setup to take an athlete, at any level of experience, and develop them in a way that sports participation alone can not accomplish.  The basis of each session is Exploratory Movements in a fun environment.  We introduce these young athletes to a variety of exercises and sports that challenge their bodies to become more efficient, as well as stronger, better balanced, quicker, and faster.

 (8-11 yrs old)

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high school & middle school speed and agility

Upon completion of our Foundation Program, athletes are ready to enroll in this monthly program.  Here we build upon the basics that were coached during those sessions and the athlete is appropriately developed to perform those movements effortlessly at competition/ game speed.  While this is a group class, each athlete is individually coached based upon their unique needs.

(12 yrs old & older)

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Strength training

Complementing the movement training is the strength and power development.  All programs are individually developed for the athletes with proper progression in mind.  Each workout is accurately recorded to ensure progress is made between workouts.  The average program includes a mix of free weights, machine, body weight, resistance band, and non-conventional exercises.  All training is age appropriate.

(12 yrs old & older)


Team training

For teams of any sport looking for any combination of speed, agility, sport specific conditioning, or strength training sessions.  The sessions vary between teams and needs; no two workouts are the same between teams.  Standard sessions run anywhere from 75-90 minutes, can be made to work anywhere from 12 - 50 athletes, and can be on site or off.