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Our training partner:

NST (Nervous System Training) Sports Performance has joined The Edge as our official sports performance training partner.  Together, we have put together the most complete system of its kind.  NST is a top notch and professional organization with experienced and knowledgable staff, cutting edge science and technology, guidance in recovery and nutrition, and sport specific development. In addition, our training space is undergoing a major renovation with professional line of equipment and training aids.

What we’ve got to offer

The Edge, in association with NST sports performance, has a variety of athletic development programs geared towards individual athletes, and sports teams. NST trains teams and individuals that vary in all sports. From football, basketball and volleyball, to swimming, golf, wrestling, and tennis, along with everything in between. So what kind of training does NST have to offer you:

40 yd & 60 yd technique



Arm & Shoulder care

Balance & Body awareness


Energy system Development

Functional movement

Postural Body alignment


Reaction enhancement

And more

NST in action:


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NST's goal is to not only improve athletes physically but also emotionally and functioning.  They want our athletes to be leaders in the facility as well as in their respective schools and communities. NST'S goals and values closely related to The Edge's mission to "help youth cultivate their character and contribute to the world."We would like to extend an offer to you, follow the link below, fill out the athletes name, age, and primary sport. Our NST trainers will take a look at their abilities and give them direction on which programs they should get themselves involved in and how those programs will improve their current abilities.