Our Story



The Edge Sports & Arts Academy is a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping youth cultivate their character and contribute to the world through the vehicles of sports and arts. We believe these vehicles provide an excellent training ground for youth in particular, to develop their God-given gifts and form character traits that will serve them and the world for a lifetime. Our formula is simple: A Loving Environment + Competent Staff + Strategic Partners + Holistic Programming = Skilled Athletes & Artisans of Godly Character.

We seek to provide an environment that is safe and modern, but most of all, loving. We recognize that a heart and soul exists beneath each jersey of the athlete and behind the talent of each artisan. We seek to employ staff members that are competent in their respective disciplines, as well as men and women of character. They understand the “big picture” of what we are trying to achieve and they are aligned with it. We also seek to secure and maintain strategic partners that boost our competence quotient, yet are aligned with our vision and mission. These partners help bring critical resources to our endeavor. Our programming is holistic; it recognizes the multiple dimensions of a person - mind, soul, spirit and body.

We believe the overall result of our formula will be skilled athletes and artisans of Godly character that will help change their world through modeling and service. Specifically, we desire to see five key outcomes in our youth participants: competence (skills), confidence (positive self-worth and identity), connection(relationships), character (respect, integrity and love), and Christ (to know, love, and follow him). None of these outcomes can be forced or guaranteed; yet, like a good farmer, we'll do our part of sowing and watering intentionally, and then trust God for the outcomes.

Our key outcomes require more than a place and programming.  Our team is formed and developed with the end in mind. And, each of these elements are set firmly on the values of love, excellence, and service.

Love is the highest and most enduring of all values (Matthew 22:37-40). 

Excellence means we'll always offer our best to God and others (Colossians 3:23). 

Service is the way of the Master; this is love and service in action (Mark 10:45).